Sunday, February 5, 2012

Olivia turns 4!!

December 23rd

Olivia, today is your 4th birthday. I really can hardly believe how quickly you are growing. It's seems like every day you learn so much more. You are such a sweet little girl. We call you our monkey! You are the happiest little thing!! You love your big sister and adore your little brother. You say the cutest things and always make us are definitely the comedian of the family. You love making us all laugh at the dinner table. You like sleeping in and are terrified of anything in a costume. You like to snuggle, but you are very independent. You love baby dolls and love going to church! You love going with Mommy and Daddy to new churches to tell the people about Togo. I am so proud of you and all that you are becoming. Daddy & I pray that soon you will ask Jesus into your heart. I know He has a tremendous plan for your beautiful life. You are going to grow up to be such an amazing young lady. I pray you will always love Jesus just the way you do right now! 

We had your party at the Family Fun Center.  It wasn't what I had originally planned, but you had a good time playing the games and jumping in the BIG jumpy house. Your favorite game was ski-ball.

                                            You and your great grandma playing air hockey.
 I didn't get to make your cake this year since we were in a new place and I don't have all my cake stuff.  But Eliza picked this cake out just for you.  She thought you would like the "poke-a-dots".

                                        Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!  I LOVE you!!

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