Friday, February 24, 2012

The Word of the Lord Shall Stand Forever!

It is hard for me to believe that in 2012 there are still people on this earth that do not have the Bible in their own language.  Yet, that is more common than we realize.  In Togo, for the past 10 years, missionaries and Togolese believers have worked tirelessly to translate the New Testament into Kabiye, one of the most prevalent tribal languages in Togo.  Many of the Togolese believers read their Bible in French, which is their second langauge.  But now,  they can read the Bible, God's love letter to us, in their mother tongue!  What a testament to the faithful, deligent work of so many whom the Lord burdened with this task.


Can you imagine holding, and reading, the Bible for the very first time in your own language?  What a passion these people have for God's word.  I pray that I would hunger for the Bible the way so many of these dear Togolese believers have!

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