Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We got in!!!

Just yesterday we emailed our application to Les Cedres, a Christian French langauge school in France, where we hope to study French for a couple months.  While we were in Togo for our previous term, we worked with a tutor to learn French.  However, this time around we felt like it would be beneficial if we knew more French.  Since John will be working as a Nurse Practitioner he needs to be more independent and not have to rely on a translator. 

Les Cedres comes highly recommended by several other missionaries that we know.  We were thrilled to know that it is a Christian program. They have courses designed for short term learning.  Our plan, Lord willing, is to go to France right after John finishes his master's program.  So we hope to be there September and October.

Well, I just checked email and there was an acceptance notice from the director of admissions!!  We got in!  We are so excited and thankful the Lord is opening doors.

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