Thursday, February 2, 2012

Round, round, get around, I get around!!!

Dec 10

The last few days have been so busy. I never would have imagine all the running around you have to do after something like this happens- cancelling water, electricity, going to the post office to change you address, getting medications refilled, looking for a rental house, and on and on. We get calls all thoughout the day from people wanting to meet us to give us clothing, toys, or other needed items. We have been amazed at how supportive people have been. The busyness helps's when I sit down and think that I cry. So I am trying to stay as busy as I can.

This morning we went and looked at a house in our neighborhood that we might rent. It is three houses down from us and the family that owns it has bought another house. This house has been on the market for a few months, but has not sold. On the morning of the fire, the owner Jennifer contacted us and told us we could rent the house. She said that right after the fire, she was praying and asked the Lord what they could do to help up. And she felt the Lord say, "A house, they need a house". She told the Lord that was something they could help with!

I got so excited when we looked at it. One of the kids rooms is painted Carolina blue( for Aiden) and the other room is purple(for the girls)! The girls room also had a double sided closet, which I thought was just the neatest thing since they share a room. I know, it's the small things!! John and I will have to pray and decide which house to rent.

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